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ELDER ANGIE DUNCAN serves as the department head for Health and Fitness. As a child, she sang in the choir and played both the drums and tambourine. It was at a “shut-in” that she was filled with the Holy Spirit. As a young adult, she experienced some tribulation, but it did not keep her from God long. She rededicated her life to Christ and today she is called by God to preach the Gospel to those who are bound by addictions. Because of her life experiences, her message to those she ministers to is, “It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’ve done. God can and will save you.  Just come to Him as you are.” Her desire is to let the world know that God is the deliverer, healer, and redeemer of mankind.

Elder Audrey Dyer





Elder Joyce Gooden

ELDER JOYCE GOODEN, is part of the dynamic team affectionately known as the “SWAT” (Spiritual, Weapons and Tactics) Team.  She was ordained an Elder at Perfecting Faith Church in 2005. Prior to her ministry at Perfecting Faith Church, she served in several ministries teaching Sunday school, preaching and teaching the gospel and played an integral role in the start of a Bible School. 


ELDER GOODEN has dedicated her life to teaching and equipping the saints in intercessory prayer and leading a life of total surrender to God.  She passionately teaches and co-leads the weekly Friday Prayer Clinics along with Elder Chisholm and is a sought-after teacher on the subject of having an effective prayer life. She preaches the Word when directed by the Leadership of Perfecting Faith and actively serves on Ministerial Alliance.  Elder Gooden, a/k/a "commando" co-labors with Elder Chisholm and the leader of the Youth Department over the youth ministry at Perfecting Faith Church and is part of the faculty of Perfecting Faith Bible Institute (PFBI). 

Elder Gooden also spends some of her time visiting nursing homes and hospitals ministering to those who need prayer.  She is a proud mother and grandmother who has taught and continues to teach her children to continue the legacy of holiness.

Elder Verna L. Hamilton

ELDER VERNA L. HAMILTON serves as the department head for Becoming Ladies, formerly known as the Women’s Department. Elder Hamilton dedicates herself to seeing godly wisdom produce balanced lives within the Body of Christ. She generously shares her corporate and non-profit (i.e. academia, government and non-profit management) experience for the purpose of building up God’sKingdom.


Although Elder Hamilton prefers to be a change-agent behind the scenes, her emphatic “yes” to Jesus has consistently positioned her in roles of ministry leadership. Her previous ministry history includes working under the headship of Bishop T.D. Jakes, the late Bishop G.E. Patterson, and our very own Bishop-elect Marvin L. Winans.

Elder Dakota Kimble

She currently serves on Ministerial Alliance and is a founding administrative member and teacher at the Perfecting Faith Bible Institute, where she also serves as the Curriculum Coordinator.

PASTOR MARVIN and ELDER VERONICA LASSUS are the overseers of Iglesia Perfeccionando LaFe (Spanish for Perfecting Faith Church) every Sunday at 6:00 PM, in the lower level Great Room - Bilingual Services Offered. They use their bilingual abilities to bridge the language gap to embrace and include our Latin brothers and sisters, in hearing the Gospel and receiving the gift of salvation. In addition to removing language barriers, their desire is to see emotional barriers dismantled in the hearts of believers, to promote unity and love as God intends.


They submit their experience and education as a former church youth counselor/ teacher (Marvin) and a licensed social work therapist (Veronica).   Collectively, 

ELDER PATTY LISBON has proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ for most of her adult life, with a passion for seeing the Body of Christ “thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”  Always operating in excellence, she uses her preaching and teaching gifts to equip the saints and build up the Body ofChrist, by instructing them in the Word. “The only way that Christians can obtain true success coupled with God’s approval is by knowing God’s Word and living a life according to His principles,”

says Elder Patty.


Elder Patty holds an advanced certification in Biblical Studies from the New York School of the Bible,as well as a business degree in Organizational Leadership and Management.  She is an author and enjoys teaching and facilitating workshops.


Elder Patty Lisbon

Marvin and Veronica have been in ministry since 1997 and 1998 respectively serving in various capacities.  They waited for the leading of the Lord, before joining Perfecting Faith Church.  


One day during a visit to Perfecting Faith Church, the Lord ministered to me to move to this ministry. By His leading, a short while later, my wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) and I moved to PFC (2006).”  – M. Lassus

Elders Marvin & Veronica Lassus

ELDER DAKOTA KIMBLE serves as the department leader of the Youth Department and is an administrative member of the Perfecting Faith Bible Institute. Serving alongside her husband until his passing in 2005, Elder Dakota seamlessly took the reins, serving as head of the Youth Ministry.


A graduate from Adelphi University, with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, Elder Dakota holds the desire to help and guide people through her career and ministry. A mother of three, Elder Dakota continues to instill in her young adult children, as well as the youth of PFC, the value she was taught as a young child that "Holiness is Right." She strives to exemplify the true meaning of Holiness through her lifestyle and teaching.

Elder Andrea Mellini


Elder Barbara has worked with several radio personalities and has hosted a Saturday Bible Hour, in Hempstead, Long Island.  She also hosted a weekly cable show called New Wine Outreach (White Plains, New York) for over a year.


Elder Barbara Chisholm was born in Westchester County, where she currently resides and is an entrepreneur and business woman.

Elder Angie Duncan

ELDERS GAYLE and BELINDA WHITEHEAD serve as the department heads of Evangelism. They have a passion to love God’s people into deliverance, healing, and unity. With a discerning spirit, Elder Gayle’s gift of preaching/teaching and Elder Belinda’s heart to counsel abused women, enables them to share God’s Word to encourage and lead people to Christ. They have served in ministry since 1988 and 1990, respectively.


Elder Belinda is a graduate from Howard University,with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work. She attended Mason Kelly Bible Institute and received a certificate in Christian Workers, including a year study of Bible Doctrine ll. 

Elders Gayle & Belinda Whitehead

An anointed woman of prayer and intercession,  Elder Barbara Ann Chisholm has often taught God's people about the many dimensions of prayer at churches, conferences, workshops, prayer breakfasts and any other venue the Lord has provided opportunity for her ministry to bless others. She was ordained an Elder at Perfecting Faith Church in 2005.


ELDER CHISHOLM is affectionately known as one half of the “SWAT” (Spiritual, Weapons and Tactics) Team. She also co-labors with Elder Kimble who leads the Youth Department.  Elder Barbara preaches when called upon by Leadership, and co-leads with Elder Gooden the weekly Friday Night Prayer Clinic, teaches workshops, and has led conferences on the many facets of prayer and spiritual warfare at Perfecting Faith.  Elder Barbara teams with Elder Gooden to visit hospitals and nursing homes to minister as the Lord leads.


Elder Barbara Ann Chisholm 

ELDER ANDREA MELLINI was born in Amityville, New York, into a musically talented family. The musical gifts of the McClurkin children became known to the world during the late 1970s, when her brother, Donnie McClurkin, formed The McClurkin Singers. He later went on to record Grammy Award winning CDs featuring Andrea as his lead background vocalist. Many years later, Andrea joined her brother and sisters to record a family CD titled, The McClurkin Project. Her songwriting contribution to this album not only became the title track We Praise You, but earned her a very prestigious award by the Broadcast Music Institute (BMI).


Just in time for Christmas 2013, Andrea released her debut solo song entitled, 





Elder Gayle graduated from Bethel Bible Institute with a certificate of Biblical Studies, in May 1992.


Elder Gayle was ordained an Elder in 1995. However, Elder Gayle and Elder Belinda humbly served as members, until they were appointed to Eldership at PFC in 2006. The Whiteheads are happily married with three sons, two daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren.

“The First Noel,” on her brother’s new  record label, CamDon Records. Andrea has been married for 25 years to Louis M Mellini, III. They live on Long Island and are raising three children, Brittany, Louis IV and Christopher.

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