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Next Steps

Congratulations to you and a most heart felt greeting from Pastor Donnie McClurkin and the Perfecting Faith Church family, on your decision to follow Jesus Christ. We believe that you have just made a life changing decision and would love to share  some helpful information to start you on your journey to a mature and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please take the time to fill out the information below and a representative from our Follow Up Team will contact you, to help support you as you begin your new life in Christ.

Are you between the ages of 13 and 30?

To reiterate what Pastor McClurkin shared in his message and to strengthen the WORD that has taken root in your heart today, we encourage you to make the following a daily practice:


Read the Word of God Regularly - Just like you need to eat on adaily basis for natural strength, the Bible must be read for spiritual strength. We suggest you begin in the New Testament starting with the book of John. Through God’s word the plan for your life will be revealed.

John 3:16 


Develop a Prayer life - Prayer is your lifeline to God; it is your
means of communicating with him. As you set time aside to pray 
the voice of God will become clearer, enabling you to hear his directions.


Attend A Spirit Filled Bible Believing Church – It is essential to your spiritual growth that you fellowship with other believers, be
taught the word of God and become involved in serving others.


Receive the Holy Spirit – The holy spirit is God’s gift to us to help us live this Christian life. We simply have to ask for him and receive him.

Acts 2:38


Water Baptism - Water Baptism allows us to publicly declare our newfound faith and commitment to live for God.

Acts 2:38

As you faithfully study God’s word, pray and be in fellowship with other believer’s you will discover that these things are essential to your life as a Christian and an anchor for your faith.

Once again, on the behalf of Pastor Donnie McClurkin and the Perfecting Faith Church family 


WELCOME to the family of Jesus Christ!!!